How to protect my authenticator app?


I setup 2FA for important accounts with authenticator app.

But how can I protect the authenticator app's account?

It's so important, so better protect it also with 2FA.

But how?

Let's say I have the worst scenario, that I lost my phone, tablet, laptop, and I don't have any logged session for any app. I need to start over.

So, how can I protect my authenticator app with 2FA?

I can't use itself. Then before I login to it, I need a one time code from it, but I only get the one time code after I login to it.

What about another authenticator app? Then how to protect the account of this authenticator app? Yet another one?

Maybe I can use email. But the email is also protected by this authenticator app as 2FA. I can't get the one time code from my email for the authenticator app, because my email needs a one time code from my authenticator app.

Or I can use my phone number to get the code. My phone number doesn't need 2FA. But phone number is famously not secure.

So how do I do it?

Maybe I just remember the password of the authenticator app by heart (and write it down, keep the written version in a safe place, as everyone says), and don't setup a 2FA, and never save that password in a digital format?

How do you do it?

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